OT monday - aubrey and rashida cuddling on set. i hope you had a great long weekend! i had a small aubrey plaza film fest and watched "the to do list" and "safety not guaranteed". one was funny and one was surprisingly emotional. i encourage you to find out which is which for yourself. have a lovely week~

tbt: 2x22 - “telethon” was the first P+R episode i ever saw. i was flying from london to minneapolis on a red-eye, and i was exhausted but too wired and anxious to sleep (and i might have just eaten an entire package of dark chocolate biscuits). “parks and recreation” was on the only “free” viewing section of my seat back display, so i plugged in.

there was something about the episode that i really connected to immediately — it felt like just the thing to watch when you’re full of sugar, unable to sleep, and a captive audience at 36,000 feet. it was imbued with the surreal feeling that comes with being awake for an alarming number of hours straight. the end sequence when leslie crashes out on ann’s sofa was so delightfully perfect that two things happened for me simultaneously:

1. i fell in love with the show (and leslie and ann specifically)

2. i knew exactly what was going to happen when i got to the minneapolis airport.

if only i’d had the ann to my leslie with me to draw a moustache on my face.

life’s hard without your other half. no tears in the cheese pizza tonight, my beautiful tropical fish

life’s hard without your other half. no tears in the cheese pizza tonight, my beautiful tropical fish

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It’s just I’m missing you and there’s so much stuff I want to talk to you about.

beautiful together, always.

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oh snap! tune in tonight!!!

oh snap! tune in tonight!!!

jubeetuesday asked: Hi! Looking for an Ann/Leslie scene to act out in my acting for the camera class. Would prefer something that's over 1 minute of dialogue and just between the two women. Any suggestions? Thanks!

i’m going to field this one to all y’all! help jubeetuesday out, please and thank you~ 

beauty before humor

awkward in the face of heterosexuality

awkward in the face of heterosexuality

leslie knows true, naive beauty when she sees it

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Ask Amy

OT sunday: some sage advice from amy. remember to practice self care (this may involve waffles)~

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leslie and ann belong together like whip cream and waffles at jj's. icon via fennegie.

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ask away, you beautiful tropical fish

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